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Limping Towards the Finish Line

on June 25, 2014


So here we are…the last full day of school…the last lunches packed for the year. Remember how we started? I was all “Use whole wheat bread! Don’t put any processed food in your kid’s lunch!” You will note that in this final packed lunch, there are WHITE bread sandwich rolls, crackers from a box with more than 5 ingredients, and cheese popcorn. Well, at least I have not succumbed to the Uncrustables pre-made PB&J sandwiches. The year has been both long and at the same time over much too soon as my little girl finishes up her elementary school days. It’s on to middle school for her and my project for the summer is to teach her to pack her own lunch! More challenging for households that strive to bring real, minimally processed and packaged food in the lunch bag. But we’ll do our best! Stay tuned for some tips if you too are hoping to delegate lunch packing to the kids! We hope you have all had a great school year and best wishes to all of you elementary school kids heading on to the next phase of your life!


20140625-125010-46210598.jpgKatie and one of her best friends at their moving up ceremony.


One response to “Limping Towards the Finish Line

  1. Katie says:

    I LOVE Katie’s dress!

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