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School Lunch Ideas and a Blogiversary!

on January 15, 2014

I’ve been taking pictures of some of the lunches my kids have brought to school over the past few months and thought I would share them. I love seeing other people’s ideas. Sometimes you feel like you pack the same thing over and over and it’s helpful to get inspiration from others! So here you go…

Grapes, whole wheat pretzel sticks, tomato/pesto/cheese roll ups, slices of cheddar cheese

Slices of mozzarella cheese, organic pepperoni, blueberries, PB&J sandwich

Cheese and Tomato sandwich, raspberries/blueberries, nuts/chocolate chips, organic pepperoni

Organic Salami/mustard/cheese sandwich, grapes/cantelope, sunflower seeds/chocolate chips

Tomato/pesto sandwich, olives, mixed nuts, grapes

PB&J sandwich, whole wheat pretzel sticks and dried raspberries, cut up carrots/red pepper

Whole wheat bagel, carrots/sugar snap peas, grapes, grapes, hummus

By the way, our blog, KatieJeanCooks, turned one year old yesterday. I believe that’s known as a Blogiversary! It has been a fun year documenting our journey to eating better and we hope you have been able to find something useful in our posts. Thanks for reading!


2 responses to “School Lunch Ideas and a Blogiversary!

  1. LeAnn says:

    Happy Blogiversary!!!! Your writing style is so entertaining, AND I learn stuff too!

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