Real Food For Families

Happy Birthday!

on January 6, 2014


Somebody around here had a birthday recently and her Mom is having a small panic attack at the sight of all of those candles. Would really like to freeze time…I feel like I say that every year…but now I really mean it!! What a pleasure it has been to watch her unfold into the kind, funny, hard working, beautiful person that she is. Happy Birthday, Katie!

We used Deb Perelman’s birthday cake recipe and also used raspberries to color the frosting. This is the first time I’ve tried this and I like how it turned out. You just put about a cup of berries in the blender (I used mostly raspberries along with a few blackberries), blend until puréed, and then press them through a strainer to get rid of the seeds/skins. You end up with about a third to a half of a cup of berry purée. Then mix that into your frosting. Deb’s cookbook has some more tips about which berries to use to get the color you’re going for.


Of course, then I had to go ahead and put those food dye laden sprinkles all over it…if it was summer, maybe I would have garnished it with fresh raspberries instead!


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