Real Food For Families

Hiking and Snacking

on August 16, 2013


The summer is starting to wind down…swim team is done, our trip to the Adirondacks is behind us and there’s some much welcome white space on the calendar. Beginning now and heading into the fall is our favorite time to take advantage of some of the beautiful places around us to go hiking. We live in Central New York, and there are some amazing spots that are easy to get to and fun for the kids. The above pictures were taken at Clark’s Reservation . For the relatively short hikes that we go on, a bottle of water would suffice, but somehow I always get talked into bringing a snack. As the kids get older, I imagine that we will try to go on longer and more difficult treks (except that I am also getting older, and more lazy!) when the right kind of snacks will actually become important. For now, I guess our snacking during hiking is practice for the future!

SNACKS TO BRING ALONG WHEN HIKING (in addition to water!)
1. Plain popcorn
2. Whole grain bread, pretzels, crackers or tortilla wraps
3. Whole grain cereal (with 5 g or less sugar per serving)
4. Apples, bananas or oranges
5. Carrot/celery sticks
6. Raisins or other dried fruits
7. Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches
8. Unsalted mixed nuts and/or seeds
9. Combine #s 3, 6, and 8 to make your own trail mix

We hope to check out Pratt’s Falls and Chittenango Falls before the summer is over. What is your favorite place to hike?


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