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Sometimes…It’s Mac & Cheese and Hotdogs

on June 14, 2013


Despite all of our planning, sometimes dinner looks like this. And that’s okay. (See those carrots on the plate…that’s good, right? I promise you…he did eat the carrots!). My son had not one, but two events to attend tonight…back to back…so I resorted to feeding him dinner at 4:00, right after he got off of the school bus! We know that nights like this are going to happen once in awhile. And in my opinion, that’s exactly what packaged, processed food is for. Our favorite boxed Mac & Cheese is a brand that doesn’t have any artificial flavors or dyes and the hot dogs are uncured, so there are no added nitrites or nitrates. Then make sure to throw some fruits or vegetables onto the plate and off they go to karate and cub scouts. So yes, it’s from a box…and no, it’s not perfect. But, you know what? When you’re eight and it’s summer and you’re eating hot dogs and Mac & cheese (and carrots!)…that is kind of perfect.


One response to “Sometimes…It’s Mac & Cheese and Hotdogs

  1. Laura says:

    we like the Annie’s mac & cheese too, now if I could get my kids to eat carrots like yours do.

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