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Five Things I Learned From My Mom About Mothering

on May 11, 2013


My Mom probably probably thinks that she didn’t have time to teach me too much while I was growing up. I am the oldest of eight children and her days were a never ending whirlwind of changing diapers, preparing meals, doing laundry and struggling to figure out how to make ends meet. But teach me she did, whether she knew it or not…and now that I am a mother, I am grateful for the lessons she passed on.

1. Sitting down together as a family to eat dinner is not always easy, but it is one of the things that your children will always remember. We all sat down to dinner at 5:30 almost every single day of my childhood. It wasn’t usually fancy and something almost always spilled, but we were all there and we talked and laughed and teased and those are some of the best memories of my life.
2. It’s important to invest just as much in your marriage as you do in your kids. I don’t know how they managed to make this happen, but my parents almost always got a sitter for us on Saturday nights and they went out together, just the two of them.
3. Let your kids make their own, age appropriate decisions. I’m absolutely sure that I made many decisions that my Mom did not agree with as I was entering into my late teens and early adulthood, but she never pressured me or tried to use guilt to influence my choices. I gained a tremendous amount of self confidence by making more and more of my own decisions as I approached adulthood.
4. Your kids will remember the time you spent with them much more than the money you spent on them. There was never enough money, but there was always enough time…to go to the track meets and the concerts, to take us to story time at the library, to take us to church, to help us with our homework, to visit our grandparents, to set up the sprinkler, to show us how to make Queen Ann’s Lace turn pink and blue, to take care of a pet rabbit, to visit Mr. And Mrs. Briggs down the street. I know there were things that I wanted…that I thought I needed…that we couldn’t afford…but it’s hard to remember now, what those things were.
5. Things don’t always go smoothly…and that’s okay. I know that my Mom’s days sometimes didn’t go that well, and that there were a lot of struggles along the way…but in the end…things always worked out…and she trusted God’s plan for her and her family.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!


2 responses to “Five Things I Learned From My Mom About Mothering

  1. kathy kuntz says:

    Debbie – what a nice surprise! Happy Mother’s Day to you also. I love you . . . Mom

  2. I love this! What a smart mom you have there – and you are smart as well to take note and apply to your own life. I hope you had a wonderful mothers day!

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