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Does the Easter Bunny Believe in Real Food?

on March 21, 2013

The Easter Bunny and I have sort of a love hate relationship. While I am grateful for the annual joy and excitement his visit brings to my children…sometimes I question his judgement when it comes to picking out the treats that he puts in the plastic grass laden baskets. Sure, I have read all those colorful books he has written about how he and his helpers make all of the candy by hand and then painstakingly decorate everything with their paintbrushes. But sometimes, I am suspicious that he runs out of time and just swings by Target and loads up on goodies that have artificial dyes and…really…it is not easy to find candy in the stores that doesn’t have high fructose corn syrup listed as the first ingredient. I know the Easter Bunny must feel the same economic pressures and time constraints that we all have been dealing with…so I try to be understanding. For the most part, I just back off and let him do what he needs to do and don’t go all “crazy organic real food mom” on him. But this year, since I am writing a food blog about trying to cut back on processed food, I’m having a hard time just looking the other way. I feel that I must, at least, give him a couple of tips. So…Mr. Easter Bunny…I respectfully make the following suggestions for you to use, as you see fit, while filling all of your basket orders this year.

1. Go for quality over quantity. My kids really don’t need as much candy as you think they do! I’d rather you spend a bit more time and/or money on a few things made with better ingredients than giving them enough candy to feed a small nation.
2. Sprinkle in some non-candy items. Trading cards, sidewalk chalk, bubbles, new markers, hair accessories, jewelry, travel versions of games, nail polish, Pokemon balls (or whatever the small toy obsession of the month happens to be) would all be much appreciated at our house.
3. Include a gift card to their favorite ice cream shop (I know that may not be healthy either, but it helps to spread out the treats).
4. Toss in a couple of homemade cookies, brownies, or pieces of fudge, decorated for Easter.
5. Give them a special “coupon” or “ticket” for a non-food treat…I know my kids would love a ticket for some extra time on the iPad or a coupon that says they can sleep in a bit later some morning and be driven to school. I will, of course, help out with any reasonable non-food treats that you come up with.
6. Make the “looking for the basket” part of the morning more fun by sending them on a treasure hunt, with clues placed around the house, one leading them to the next.

So…I hope that you don’t think I’m meddling too much in your affairs…you are, after all, the Easter Bunny, and you certainly know what you are doing when it comes to “bringing every girl and boy a basketful of Easter joy”. Thank you for your many years of service, both to myself and my children. I’ll be sure to leave you an organic carrot or two. Happy Easter!


4 responses to “Does the Easter Bunny Believe in Real Food?

  1. kathy kuntz says:

    Debbie — This easter bunny looks very familiar. Did he come from my house??

  2. Great tips! We actually don’t really do all the candy in my home – just one nice gift! Love the pic of the bunny with the carrot 🙂

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