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Is it Summer Yet?

on March 18, 2013

Katie: Recently, my Mom bought some containers that you can freeze smoothies in, off of Amazon. Well, they were a big success. I have them in my lunch all the time. My favorite kind of smoothie is berry. I like these a lot more than Popsicles. My brother does not like smoothies, so sometimes we put fruit juice in the containers for him. I love smoothie pops!

Debbie: We’ve made smoothies for years, but I had never thought about freezing them until recently and had no idea that I could send them to school in the kids lunches. The picture above shows a blue freeze pop mold (made by Norpro). These are made out of silicone and are dishwasher safe. They are flexible so I can bend them to fit into the ziplock divided lunch containers that we use. They do not stay frozen, since Katie eats lunch about 5 hours after I pack it. She says that it’s a very cold smoothie by the time she eats lunch. So you do have to be careful how you position it and make sure your child understands that it will be liquid when they open it. Once you’ve made these a few times, you won’t really need to follow a recipe…I just add things until it’s the consistency and taste that I want. This recipe is adapted from the 100 Days of Real Food’s site and she has a whole post about these freeze pop molds. I’ve had them for about two months and I use them every week.

Berry/Spinach Smoothie
~1 1/2 cups plain yogurt
~1 cup frozen berries (if using fresh berries, add a cup of ice)
~2 tablespoons of honey or 2 tablespoons of maple syrup or 2 bananas
~3 tablespoons of milk
~1/2 cup fresh spinach leaves, chopped

Blend all ingredients in your blender until smooth. This recipe makes enough for 4 smoothie pops with about a cup leftover (which I drink immediately, of course!)

Another tip I found on My Sister’s Pantry (a great “real food” blog that I recommend you check out!)…you can freeze spinach into ice cubes to keep in the freezer so you always have some greens on hand to add to your smoothies. Just blend about 3 tablespoons of water with every cup of chopped up spinach (or whatever kind of greens you want to use) in your blender, pour into an ice cube tray and when frozen, pop them out and store them in a freezer bag.





By the way…according to the view out my back door…the answer to the title of this post is…NOT EVEN CLOSE! But we’re still going to make frozen smoothie pops anyways!



3 responses to “Is it Summer Yet?

  1. biggsis says:

    Thanks for the link-up! Hang in there… it is coming and wonderful smoothies can make you dream of warmer days!

  2. Julia says:

    Sounds DELICIOUS. Katie: Want to do a blog together? Message me. An also check out my bloggg

  3. Laura says:

    mmmm, those sound good. I may have to get some of those freeze pop molds.

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