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Put Down That Bag of Doritos!!!

on March 11, 2013


By Katie
My mom makes some yummy snacks! But, I do have some favorites. My absolute favorite snack is Nacho Chips. My mom takes some chips and puts taco meat and cheese on them. Another one of my favorite snacks is a peeled, hard boiled egg with a small bit of salt. My third favorite snack is easy peasy and just about anyone can make it. The snack is cheese and pepperoni. One more favorite snack I have is a smoothie pop which is something we will do a post on soon. I hope you enjoy these simple snacks!


Debbie: We work hard around here to make sure our snacks are as healthy as the meals we prepare. My kids will, of course, go for the bag of Doritos any day if given that as a choice…but fortunately, I’m the one with the wallet buying the snacks, not them. And it does not bother me when they occasionally eat a snack that I cringe at, because, for the most part, their snacks at home are foods that I’m comfortable with. I try to look at snacks as a tiny healthy meal and not as a “treat”. “Treats” are for birthdays and Halloween and other special occasions. I think part of the problem we’re having in our current food culture is that our “special occasions” seem to happen every single day! The other thing that has changed is the need for portable snacks due to the activities we have our kids in. When I was a child, if we weren’t at school, we were usually at home and not traveling around the community en route to our next scheduled event. And when we did participate in something that was under two hours, we usually weren’t served a snack. There were no small bags of pre-packaged foods like we have today. We never ate snacks in the car. There was not a slushie machine around every corner and candy was pretty much reserved for Easter and Halloween. If you happened upon a gum ball machine in your travels, it was one lone machine, not a group of twenty with an assortment of choices that would make your head spin! We are truly bombarded with snacking opportunities so much more than ever before. Anyone who knows someone who has a child with a nut allergy, knows the anxiety those parents face constantly, because sometimes it feels like everything that we do with our kids has a “snack” associated with it. Well…I’ll step down from my soapbox now and get on with the purpose of this post…real food snack ideas. Obviously, fresh fruit and cut up veggies are always great, but here are some other choices that we like. For any of these options that involve a chip or a cracker, try to find a brand that has 5 or less ingredients and no high fructose corn syrup or artificial coloring.

-hard boiled eggs with a bit of salt or deviled eggs
-whole wheat crackers spread with cream cheese and jam
-frozen grapes
-cut up apples with peanut butter or honey for dipping
-cored apple cut into rings with a slice of cheese melted on top
-frozen smoothie pops (we will do a post on these soon)
-tortilla chips with leftover taco meat (or chili), cheese melted on top
-organic, nitrite free luncheon meat (we use the Applegate Farms brand)
-mini pizzas (pictured at the top of this post…whole wheat bun, bread or English muffin topped with a cut up mozzarella cheese stick and some nitrite free pepperoni, heated in the toaster oven until cheese melts)
-homemade granola (will post recipe soon)
-plain yogurt with a little bit of real maple syrup swirled in (and granola, if you have it)
-cut up apple pieces tossed with wheat germ and cinnamon and served with a toothpick for spearing
-whole wheat toast with butter and cinnamon, honey
-milk shake made with an ice cream with all natural ingredients (Turkey Hill has an all natural option) with berries blended in
-homemade trail mix with nuts, raisins (or whatever dried fruit your child likes) and sunflower or pumpkin seeds…I’m ok with tossing in a few chocolate chips as well!
-olives, pickles, other dilled veggies (try to find brands without artificial coloring)
-small bowl of “real food” cereal with milk…harder to find than you would think! Again, look for one with minimal ingredients, less than 5 grams of sugar per serving, no high fructose corn syrup…sweeten it with a tiny bit of real maple syrup
-chips and salsa
-popcorn (not microwave popcorn…those are usually full of questionable ingredients)
-homemade muffins, cookies, pancakes that you’ve made ahead and frozen…just heat them up in the toaster oven

Katie is having one of our homemade berry/spinach smoothie pops.

Tell us about your favorite snacks.  Have a great week!


3 responses to “Put Down That Bag of Doritos!!!

  1. These are wonderful ideas! As a mom with a 6 year old that pretty much wants to snack non stop, this is very helpful. Katie, can’t wait to read your smoothie pop post!

  2. biggsis says:

    Rock on Katie – you hold the wallet and we have found that even though the temptation for Doritos is still always there, our son does not go hog wild when given the opportunity because he notices he doesn’t feel good when he eats too much junk. The benefits of knowing what it feels like to eat real food 😉

  3. Julia says:

    Can we come up with more snack ideas for tomorrow’s posts on The KJ Cafe?

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