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Help…I Can’t Find My Dining Room Table

on February 28, 2013


Does your dining room table ever look like this? Mine seems to look this way a lot lately. And this is sort of a good day…because for the past week I have been trying to get it cleared off. There was about a two week stretch last summer when we were actually able to eat at our dining room table. But recently, it seems that unless I am expecting visitors (then, of course, everything gets shoved into a closet) this is my dining room table. So I have decided that this coming week, all of the flat surfaces in the downstairs of my home are getting cleared off. (Yes, sadly, the dining room table has some company…I’ll spare you any more photos).

So…this week…the meals will be simple. Check back here on Saturday and we’ll share 3 simple recipes for the upcoming week. One chicken, one pasta, and one fish. Nothing new, nothing fancy, just old standbys I can make without even thinking about them. Because this week, I have a dining room table to look for.


One response to “Help…I Can’t Find My Dining Room Table

  1. I hope you’ve made some good progress! Going to check out your easy recipes now!

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